JaVers Support

Free support

JaVers is free, open source software and works great. We strive to make it robust and easy to use.

1. Stackoverflow — great place for JaVers users to ask for help and to share knowledge with the community. Most answers are written by the JaVers core team.

2. Gitter chat — conversations about JaVers internals and design. For our contributors who work directly on enhancing JaVers itself.

3. Twitter — announcements of new JaVers releases.

If you like JaVers, give us a star.

There are cases when Stackoverflow is not enough.

1. Annual Maintenance Support Subscription.
Private, expert email advice and support from the JaVers core team.

Discuss your issues with the JaVers core committers in private, without the whole world watching.

We guarantee to respond within 24h, regardless of your time zone.

Cost: 1500$ per year
Order: mail to [email protected]

2. Buy a feature

New features in JaVers are driven by our users needs. Usually we deliver one or two new features per month. But as you can see at Github issues, the backlog is growing.

You can skip the queue and buy the super fast release (days instead of months). The feature will be implemented in the next JaVers release.

Cost: ask for pricing and exact release date
Order: mail to [email protected]
Licence: standard open source Apache Licence, Version 2.0

3. Consulting

We offer the remote consulting.
Experts from the JaVers core team can work directly with your development team to create the state-of-the-art data auditing layer in your system.

Typical tasks:

  • integrating JaVers with client’s system,
  • non-standard configuration,
  • complex domain mapping,
  • performance optimization,
  • clustering,
  • any JaVers-related task you need.

You will be billed per hour.

Cost: 50$ per hour
Order: mail to [email protected]

4. Training

We can run the whole day JaVers training in your company. Trainings are run by experts from the JaVers core team. Typically, we start from a lecture and continue with a hands-on workshop.

Agenda is customized to your needs.

Cost: 1500$ per one day of training + travel costs
Order: mail to [email protected]

5. JaVers Cloud - available in Fall 2017

JaVers Cloud is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. Technically, it is a scalable, distributed JaversServer combined with JaversRepository. We take care about high SLA of the service and safety of your audit data. You can focus on your application business logic using thin JaversClient.

Cost: ask for pricing
pre-order: mail to [email protected]


JaVers is available under open source Apache License, Version 2.0.