Sponsor JaVers Development

JaVers is an Apache-licensed open source project and it’s completely free to use.

JaVers is gaining momentum, the number of downloads from The Central is growing. In June 2019, javers-core was downloaded 50,000 times.

downloads from The Central chart

However, the amount of effort needed to maintain and develop new features in this project is also growing. Maintainers burnout is a serious risk in open source projects when we work for free.

Our work is not sustainable without financial backing.

You can support JaVers development via Open Collective β€” an online funding platform for open and transparent communities.

Open Collective platform is used for funding popular open source projects like Vue or curl.

One-time Donations

Make a one-time donation. Your donation will be listed on the JaVers Open Collective page.

Recurring Sponsorship

Become a backer for $5+ per month or a sponsor for $100+ per month.

As a recurring backer or sponsor you get:

  • having your name or company logo placed on this website, listed in the Javers GitHub repository, and listed on the JaVers Open Collective page,
  • bugs reported by you will be fixed with higher priority,
  • keeping your software dependencies in good health means more safety for your business.

Questions? Chat with us in sponsors room or talk directly to Bartosz Walacik (JaVers project lead).