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What is JaVers

JaVers is a lightweight, fully open-source Java library for auditing changes in your data.

We all use Version Control Systems for source code, so why not use a specialized framework to provide an audit trail of your Java objects (entities, POJO, data objects)?

Story of JaVers

When developing an application, we usually concentrate on the current state of the domain objects. So we simply instantiate them, apply some changes and eventually, delete them, not paying much attention to their previous states.

The challenge arises when a new requirement is discovered.

As a User, I want to know who changed this status,
when the change was performed and what the previous status was.

The problem is that both version and change notions are not easily expressible either in Java language or in the mainstream databases (although NoSQL document databases have an advantage here over relational databases).

This is the niche that JaVers fills. In JaVers, version and change are first class citizens.

Basic facts about JaVers

  • It’s lightweight and versatile. We don’t make any assumptions about your data model, bean container or underlying data storage.
  • Configuration is easy. Since we use JSON for object serialization, we don’t want you to provide detailed ORM-like mapping. JaVers only needs to know some high-level facts about your data model.
  • JaVers is meant to keep its data versioning records (snapshots) in the application’s primary database, along with main data.
  • We use some basic notions following Eric Evans DDD terminology like Entity or Value Objects, pretty much how JPA does. We believe that this is the right way to describe data.
  • Javers core modules require Java 11.
  • Javers Spring integration modules require Java 17 and are compatible with Spring Boot 3.
  • The last version of Javers that is fully compatible with Java 8 and Spring Boot 2 is 6.14.0.


JaVers is available under open source Apache License, Version 2.0.

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Open source Java library available under Apache License